Monday, 28 October 2013

Angels on Bare Skin

"Angels on Bare Skin" is a natural cleanser from Lush. 

Made from all natural ingredients such as almond milk to tone and brighten skin, kaolin to absorb grease and gently cleanse, vegetable glycerine to soften and moisturise the skin and a beautiful blend of essential oils, all chosen for their abilities to balance and tone the skin. This cleanser is absolutely amazing! I love its lavender smell, the texture and being able to mix it with water myself. In theory, all of the ingredients are supposed to be extremely beneficial for your skin, and I don't doubt it. However I find that although it is very gentle and nursing, there is something missing. If you have problem skin as I do, maybe this isn't for you. I have used an entire container of this cleanser and found that at first it looked very promising. That said, it is a good cleanser and everyone needs a different combination of products. It minimised any little oily spots, reduced blackheads, redness was less noticeable and generally gave a fresh glow to my skin. Towards the end of the jar, I felt like my skin needed a change. Perhaps it's the fact that this is a natural product (which is a huge plus) and it does expire quite quickly that changed how it worked for me but none the less I did enjoy using it. Given the type of product it is (natural, not tested on animals, vegan and fresh) it is quite well priced. I would use this again but not necessarily continuously. The soft grainy texture, smell and ability to control oiliness and redness absolutely make this product worth trying.


  1. sounds great, nice post!