Monday, 11 November 2013

Sunny Days

After spending so much time cooped in school a beach trip is exactly what is needed! A friend and I took advantage of the warmer weather and set off to one of Australia's beautiful beaches. Despite living so close to this gorgeous scenery, it's easy to miss it while our busy lives take over. Spending a day in the sun is absolutely one of the best anti-stress activities I can think of; sun, fresh air and yummy summer treats! We indulged in a Ferrero Rocher ice-cream and curiously looked through rock pools. 
As we sat on the sand we noticed many summer trends this year, foremost solid, bright colours and 'Triangle' bikini's (have a look online: 'Triangle' bikini's feature a very simple design that is very flattering to most body types. They incorporate the brilliant bright colours and play with textures and mix matched looks. There are many shapes and patterns that are popular lately however the simple triangle and bandeau tops are trending this spring/ summer. If you're feeling a little run down take a trip to the beach or spend some time in the sun; coming home with a fresh summery glow, soft salty hair and happy photos what's not to love?

What's your favourite beach memory? 

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